In the Navy

 I did show this cool romper and shoes the other day, but they were part of a furniture shoot so were not centre stage, and they deserve to be.  I have teamed them up with some great accessories that I forgot to show in a different post.  I am a bad, bad, blogger.

Hat and Glasses:  22769 - Riviera Sunglasses and Hat (The Boutique by The Liaison Collaborative)

Romper:  Ducknipple - Bubba Romper (New Release)

Skin:  Panda Punx - Queenie Skin - Milk Tone (Dangerous Curves Hunt)

Shoes:  Ducknipple - Grimm Heels (New Release)
Anklet:  [trs] - Charm Anklet



Today I have some more items from The Collage to show you and boy are they good!  I am loving that although these furniture/décor items have an outdoor feel to them, some would still work indoors or on your patio or verandah.  I love multi-purpose stuffs!

PS.  Would love to hear what you think of the new venue/look/layout.  I think it is very cool.

Gazebo:  shutter.field - Rustic Garden Gazebo with Walls (also non-walls version available)

Table and Chairs:  BellaRose Designs - Bookery Set

Bed:  shutter.field - Romantic Day Bed (Shabby version also available)

Potting Table:  Lumiere - Potting Rack and Plants
Birdhouse:  Lumiere - Home Tweet Home Birdhouse



There is a new round at The Collage and today I have a few furniture goodies to show you from that.  I know sometimes I want to show you all of them at once, but this time I am taking it slow and letting you see a few things at once.

Don't forget that The Collage has a fab new venue, so make sure you skip over and check it out.

Furniture:  Serendipity Designs - Carolina Driftwood Chair, Driftwood Console Table, The Beach Trypytc

Romper:  Ducknipple - Bubba Romper (New Release)
Shoes:  Ducknipple - Grimm Heels (New Release)

Hair:  Truth Hair - Elyse


Taste of Orange

I like orange.  It is a colour I wear in RL.  Suits my autumn skin tone apparently.  I don't know about that, but I do like it.

I am also like these orange items in SL.  They are brand spanking new and ready for you to buy.

Dress:  22769 - Riviera Dress - Orange/White (The Boutique by The Liaison Collaborative)
Poses:  fable.table - Etiquette Pack (Was in 25-for-25, but now in store)

Hair:  Ploom - Kiera (My Attic @ The Deck)

Necklace:  22769 - Circles Necklace - Orange/Platinum (L'accessories)

Skin:  Panda Punx - Jaya
Lipstick:  MIA14 - Lips for Ember - Orange
Shoes:  Ducknipple - Peeptoe (Recent Release)



I have a big apology to make.  RL was crazy yesterday and I missed posting these items from 25-for-25.  I am hoping they are still out, so won't chat, will just post.

Prime:  Picnic Set

Desk and Chair - Frogstar - Elefriend Desk - White
Plushies:  Wimey - Octoplushies
Chair:  Soy - Armchair - Green

Bench:  Casita - Honey Wood White Bench

Lamp:  LISP Bazaar - Jacob Lamp



A freezing day in RL calls for a hot day in SL.  It was beach time so I was rapt to find this tropical sim to take photos.  I felt shade was required.  Can't be too careful of those rays!

Swimwear and Jewellery:  Finesmith Designs - Danit - Fadeblue (55L Thursday - but about all weekend)
Shoes: -Joan Heels - Sailor (50L Friday - for Slink High Feet)

Poses:  LISP Bazaar - Parasols and Umbrellas (from my inventory)

Hair:  EMO-tions - Pria (My Attic @ The Deck)



I love playing cards.  My Nana taught me to play when I was a kid.  My Nana was a bit of a card shark.  She is 96 and still beats me at cards.  I think she cheats.

These Play-A-Round Pose sets are from W.Winx and can be found at My Attic @ The Deck.  There are three sets:  Fan, House and Wall.  I used a couple from each one for these photos.

Outfit:  [SAKIDE] - Orison Cardigan (World Goth Fair)

Hair:  Tulip - Jolene (my new purchase today!)

Shoes:  -{ZOZ}- Desire Ruby Heels (Dark Style Fair)

Skin:  Panda Punx - Jaya Skin (Boobs, Butts and Beyond)



I have a secret to tell you.  In RL I am not a huge fan of pink, but in SL I have come to love it.  Perhaps it is because in RL it is not a colour that matches my skin tone, but in SL anything goes.

I am loving this pink ensemble today.  It is from Leri Miles Designs and I am wearing the Jena Top in Pink Lemonade and the Tricia Leggings in Bubblegum.  You will find these at the new round of My Attic @ The Deck.

This fabulous jewellery is from Finesmith Designs and is called Mango Pink.  It comes with the earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet.  So gorgeous.

My hair is from MINA and is also available at My Attic @ The Deck.  The hair is Astrid and I am wearing one from the Blondes pack.

My fabu shoes are from Ducknipple and are the Mazza Heels.  They are a new release and come with the colour change hud so you can match them to whatever you are wearing.  Perfect.

And all three of these poses today are from Something New.  The first one is called Go Kiss My..., the second one is Too Much Cheek and the third is Oh Yeah!!.  Loads of fun and you can find them at the OMG It's... at The Kollective



This great new skybox from Trompe Loeil is a goodie for those of us who like a more industrial look to our decor.  The Chatham Loft Skybox has plenty of space and an upmarket grunge feel to it.

Check out the deal with it too...Awesome!

Furniture:  Trompe Loeil - Ines Set

Furniture:  22769 [bauwerk] - Industrial Living

Furniture:  22769 [bauwerk] - Industrial Nook, Locker - Union Jack
Bed:  !! Follow Us !! - Stay in Bed - Black and White
Shelf:  Pilot - Pipe Shelf

Chair:  Breno and Kuro in Motion - The Monday Hater's Chair (Atelier Kreslo)

Wall Lights:  Kuro - Pipe Lamp


Checkered Past

As you may have guessed by now, I am not much of a model.  To start with I am short in SL.  I seem to range between 5'5" and 5'9" depending on the shape I am using.  Most of my friends tower over me and call me shorty.

But, I will say I had fun with this outfit today which is more 'haute couture' (whatever that is) than I normally show.  It is from Finesmith and it was one of their offerings for the Monochromatic Fair, but is now available in store.  It is called Spirit and I am wearing the Black version.  I feel very 'vogue'.  I apologise for not showing it when the fair was on, but for some reason I missed it.  Anyway, it was too cool not to show you and I am sure you will be able to grab it at their mainstore.

Hair:  PurpleMoon Creations - Rie in Silver (from my inventory)

Shoes:  {{BSD Design Studio}} - Fashion Editor (from my inventory)

Makeup:  Senzafine - "Sirene" Eye Makeup Green/Coral, Emerald Lipstick and "Spellbound" Magick Nails (Recent Release)



Found this gorgeous bench seat at from [linked] at Kensington Garden and then discovered it had LOADS of fabulous, romantic poses for you and your significant other.  Sadly, I just have Ty.  Kidding.  He is a sweetie and raced over to get thrown around by me choosing poses for the photos.

Top:  *Citrus* - Balloon Top - White Lime (New Release)
Pants:  *Citrus* - Fitted Mesh Leggings - White (New Release)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - White Cross Strap Heels (New Release)
Hair:  Truth Hair - Fleur (Recent Release)

Jeans:  *Citrus* - Men's Jeans - Grey (New Release)
Tee:  Kink (formerly known as [D.L.Z]) - Hipster Starter Kit - Men's Tee (from inventory)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Mens Black Leather Slip On (from inventory)


Touch of Turquoise

I saw this great dress from [dirty.little.secret] and I just had to show you.  It  looks fab on and is sexy while remaining cute.  I teamed it up with a touch of turquoise (hence the title) and it just popped.  This was one of those outfits that just came together like white on rice.  Easy peasy.  The dress is at the current round of The Kollective.

My skin today is from Panda Punx and is called Jaya.  You will find this skin at the Boobs, Butts and Beyond event, with 50% of sales from this item going to Breast Cancer Action.

I am wearing it with the Sunny shape from Tuli.

This stunning newly released jewellery set comes to you from the talented designer at ZURI Rayna Jewelry.  It is the Soul Seeker Set in Turquoise and I am in love with it.  It comes with the earrings and necklace and will have your friends drooling with envy!

These Aqua (close to turquoise) eyes are from Poetic Colors and are just gorgeous.  The colour is so great as is the realism.

I have blogged this hair from Truth before, but is is perfect for this outfit so it gets another showing.  It is called Thelma and is at this round of Collabor88.

And these shoes have also had a showing, but the colour change option made them great for this outfit that required turquoise shoes so here they are again.  They are the Peep Toe from Ducknipple.


Dark Girl

The World Goth Fair is now open and you can enjoy the darker side of SL at this great event.  I have a few items to show you so I hope you get your goth on!  Can I borrow some eyeliner?

Hair:  LaNoir Soleil - Lolly - Goth
Dress:  LaNoir Soleil - Phaedra Dress

Choker:  LaNoir Soleil - Evangeline Choker
Piercings:  Cute Poison - Agelast Piercing (from my inventory)
Lipstick:  Tuli - Eva Pearl - Deviant Maverick (from my inventory)

Heels:  -(ZOZ)- - From Hell Heels (Slink High Feet - New Release)

Nails:  Bliensen & MaiTai - Nailpolish - Pixiedust Silver (from inventory, but they are also involved in this event)
Accessories:  LaNoir Soleil - Tactum Mortis