Was lurking around a MM Board trying to convince my friends to come and help me get the boots (didn't get them....sad) when I met a friend of a friend and she told me about NOON. So, after waving bye bye to the boots I wandered over and was rapt to find these gifties. Almost made me forget the boots...but not quite...sigh.

Pic 1:
Couch: Cuddle Lips Seat - with cuddle and massage poses. Nice.
Outfit: Full Moon Outfit Full

Pic 2:Sexy Dance Chair - comes in diff colours in folder

Pic 3: Massage Tatami

Pic 4: Full Moon Outfit - Short (and Ty as accessory...nice)

Oh, what the hang...it is my blog! Can you all go over to Pelletteria Morrisey and slap the MM board so I can get those boots....PWEASE! I will model them when I get them! Hehe.


  1. Be there immediately


  2. Just found this blog. It is great. Thanks for the work Arya.

  3. Thank you, Janice! Spread the word!


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