Move Like Jagger

Okay the title of this post has nothing to do with anything, but it's the song that's stuck in my head by Maroon 5. I've got a myriad of things to show and tell you, so let's get started.
P.S. PoseWorks has re-branded itself and is now Shea La Vie! The store has recently reopened with a lot of new and exciting poses, such as the one shown below.

Picture 1:

Pose: Shea La Vie - This Way (New Pose from Shea La Vie)
*Free individual pose available at store*

Saturday Night Fevah is also back! During SNF, participating stores have placed a new release item out and marked it as 40L.

Picture 2:

Top: Aura - Mens Vintage Tee's -om nom 4- (40L)

If you're looking for more tees, stop over to Bleh/Barn Owl. They have a TON of graphic tees on the ceiling (see picture below). The best part about it? They're all FREE!

Picture 3:

Top: Bleh - Kill Your TV (0L)

Finally, head over to Santo to pick up unisex shoes, as well has free mens clothes.

Picture 4:

Jacket: SANTO - Speed Jacket (0L)

Picture 5:

Outfit: SANTO - Sweatsuit (0L)


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