Simply Irresistible

I try, I try hard to save all my lil' Lindens, but I cant resist a good deal. There are a lot of sales and events out there, so it's easy to *right click, buy*. Lately, I've been good and I always choose to seek out quality items and not just buy things because they're on sale. If you're looking for something that is both quality and a bargain, look no further.

Picture 1:

Top: =Blast= @ Grunge Soul Project - Plaid Shirt Blue (100L)
Shorts: Coco Homme- Cargo Shorts /Sahara (100L Store sale up to 75% off)

Picture 2:

Top: Kal Rau @ The Tropicalia Bazaar -VLongsleeves (70L)
Pants:Kal Rau @ The Tropicalia Bazaar - Kaki Pants (70L)


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