Tea, Anyone?

Spruce Up Your Space this weekend is all about Tea Time.  Nothing like a lovely cup of tea to calm the nerves (see my post from yesterday).

Today I was so excited because I managed to get a run of two pics in a row before crashing! Then it was all downhill from there, so these two pics were the only I managed to get.

Pic 1 and 2:  {what next}
Bed, Tray and Laptop: Morning Tea Bed and Tray (150L in SUYS)
Beside Table, Shelf and Items:  Morning Tea Beside Table and Shelf (75L in Lazy Sunday)

Much later....

A Miracle!!
A miracle happened and I managed to get two more pics done.  Please excuse the roughness, but I went for success not arty!

Pic 3:
Furniture:  Second Spaces -   In the Garden, Jeeves (150L in SUYS)

Pic 4:
Picnic Set:  La'Licious - Tea Time Train (150L in SUYS)


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