13 Items for 70L!


The total of everything I am wearing today was 20L.  That means you could get ALL of this for that!  Arya's Pet Peeve looming...I get soooo sick of people saying that to look good in SL you have to have tons of money.  That is simply not true.  There are tons of ways to get quality items for little or nothing.

Now, I will confess that I am wearing my usual shape that did cost, but as you well know I have shown you shapes from hunts or low-cost events that are just awesome.  In fact, I blogged a shape from The Autumn Effect Hunt, just the other day:  Depraved But Autumny

In Pic 1 I am wearing this cool shirt from Airflow called Boyfriend Shirt.  This cost me 0L as I joined the group and picked it up from the group gifts wall.  You will see a few from this store today.  
The hair is from Truth Hair and was a subscriber gift.  You can still find it in the 'history' in the subscriber board.  It is called Sam and comes with ALL the colours.  The eyes are from Adoness and are called Nemorosus Eyes.  They were in The Autumn Effect Hunt as was this lovely skin from Shiva and the Lucky Skulls tattoos from Endless Pain Tattoos.  Total Cost - 0L

In Pic 2 I am wearing this cool dress from GizzA Creations.  It was a group gift and the group costs nothing to join.  Each month you get a gift for boys and one for girls.  Awesome!  Total Cost - 0L

Next up we have more group gifts from Airflow.  The Soft Leather Jacket with Sweater and the Roll Up Demin jeans are both free for group members and the group is free to join.  Total - 0L

In this pic we have another group gift from Airflow in this cute skirt and top.  The tattoo was another gift from The Autumn Effect Hunt and is from {:ThirteenTH:}. Total - 0L

In Pic 5 we actually have an item that costs!  The Lace-Back Tank is 20L from The Sea Hole to celebrate their new store at Tableau.  The Nuance Folded Skirt is from [SAKIDE] and is a group gift at The Black Market.  You even get a pink version in the pack too!  Total - 20L

And lastly, for you who like glamour, we have this STUNNING dress from PurpleMoon Creations.  It is to celebrate 17,000 members in their group and is for the group members.  The cost of joining the PurpleMoon group is 50L, but is well worth it for gifts like this!  Total - 50L


Sure, shopping for awesome bargains takes some effort, but it is SO worth it in the end.  Read the blogs, join groups and be informed on events and hunts.  Simple as that.

The lovely gazebo in the background is from Prism Furniture and is a new item.  Keep an eye out for more on this!

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