And This Week at Acid Lily


Some goodies this week at Acid Lily.  Actually they have goodies every week, so this week follows the trend!

I am loving this first dress and shoes combo from ^TinRoof called Chevy.  Perfect outfit for shopping or an end of summer party.

Then there are these delicious high-waisted pants from PatchWork Heart called Spotty Dotty Jeans.  They come with the belt and the top.  The babydoll top is also Spotty Dotty as are the awesome boots!

Next up is this great top from "DEW".  It is called Chicky Mesh Top Japanese, and there are other lovely textures too.

This funky little top is from 1Hundred and is Moody Tube - Green.  Also comes in Blue and White.

And lastly we have this dress from [trs] called A Touch of Elegance, and you non-mesh people will be glad to know this is a mesh-free item!  The piercings are from Phoebe and are My Heart Face Piercing in Silver.

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