Depraved But Autumny

The Autumn Effect Hunt is still going and is a great place to get some gorgeous fashion items, poses and accessories.  I am so impressed with what I have found.  Love finding some goodies that get tucked straight into my bulging inventory!

You can get the LMs off the website for two reasons:  1.  You can get the clue at the same time and 2.  I am feeling lazy and saves me having to do all the LMs.  HA!  I have put the store hunt number in to help though...cos I am nice.

Check out this gorgeous bag and cool boots in Pic 1.  The Tweedy bag is from *LOULOU & Co*(#20) and the Millbury  boots are from Loordes of London (#96).  The shape I am wearing is from FROSTING (#57) and is called Pumpkin.  

In Pic 2 the top is from [AsYLUM] (#23) and I love it because the wording on the top could easily be from Aryaland.  This cute skirt called Nylon Cotton Tutu is from Razorblade Jacket (#1) and suits this look perfectly.  Cute as, bro!

In Pic 3 we have this very cool hoodie from AlterEgo (#18) called Fearless.  I have teamed it with the Art tee from [essencial] (#66), these great mesh jeans from LogiQue (#71) and white sneakers from Duh! (#21)  The leopard print Doctor Satchel Bag is the icing on this cake of this outfit and is from PiCHi (#67).

I kept with the jeans in Pic 4 because they looked great with this sweater tank from 22769 (#48) called Slipon Autumn Ombre.  The Autumn Scarf is from [bubble] (#11) and is just perfect as the days in SL get cooler (hehe).

And lastly I have this unisex vest from insanya (#25).  Truly would look great on the boys as well.  Just has an extra prim for the ummmm girls...

Some people have been asking where I am taking my pics of late.  The answer is my home sim and it is gorgeous all done up for autumn.

My hair is from Wasabi Pills and looks cutsey with this shape.


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