I Has Swag


{PopTart} has some items to increase your swagger and they are available from October 1st at the Swag Fest.  They have male and female items which is great!  I will be wearing them about the place, cos I am feeling these items!

All the poses are from Glitterati Poses and are from the Peace Out set.

Pic 1:
Tank:  LOLSwag Woman's Tank
Jeans:  How's It Hanging Dude Jeans - Grey
Sweater:  Jordan Open Sweater - Black
Sneakers:  DECO - Classic Sneaks
Hair:  Truth Hair - Sam - Platinum
Skin:  Ploom - Lea - Honey
Tattoo:  [ Kamourasaka ] - Reject Reality Tattoo

Pic 2:
Tank:  Shufflin' Tank
Jeans:  Tonic Jeans - Banana

Pic 3:
Tank:  Gangnam Woman's
Tights:  Skelly Tights - Crimson

Pic 4 and 5:
Backpacks - Baby Bat Pack and Nom Nom Zombeh

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