Post #2 - FLF, Gacha and More

I have no idea if this is really post #2 or just the next day.  So busy that I feel like I should be running about with a pocket watch commenting on how 'late I am for a very important date'.

Anyhoooo, bunnies aside, I do have some lovely things to show you today and I had better get to if I want to get done all I need to get done today!

First up is these fabulous Autumn Frames from {what next}.  You don't have to totally redecorate a room to add some seasonal flavours, and pictures and frames are a great idea to do just that. These will be the Lazy Sunday items this weekend.

Next up are these cool Baking Day Kitchen Scales, also from {what next}.  You get all these colours and they come with this great Wall Print too!  You can grab these at the Zodiac - Libra Event which starts on the 23rd of Sept.

Lastly, from {what next}, is this Pumpkin Party Cooler Set which is only 50L for Fifty Linden Friday. Adds that perfect touch to any Autumn or Halloween occassion!

The lovely Heavenly at L'aize Dayz gave me this awesome kitchen set to show you and I am loving it.  Great sits and poses that will have you enjoying this kitchen with a difference.  Even has Peanut Butter.  YUM!

This next item is one of the Gacha wins at The Arcade Gacha event.  It is from LISP Bazaar and I have to show you three pics at lease cos the poses are sooo cool.  They are called the Dolly Days Ironing Set and they come in lots of different colours with a washing basket to go with. Check out the fun poses!

And yet, we still have more!  This amazing Autumn Nights bookcase is from Prism Furniture and comes with all you can see, including the funky plant.  The other item in the pic is the Autumn Nights Gossip Bench, which has lovely little details and accessories.

Ok, that will do or you will go into overload!


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