As you may know by now I am a bit of a fan of Halloween.  It is one of my fav times in SL because things get wacky and the designers go all out to produce the most scary and macabre items they can.  The creative juices seem to flow as readily as the blood...

So, you will understand that I have been very controlled about starting on the Halloween items too early.  Normally I would want to start as soon as October hits, but I have been very good...until now...

Pic 1:
Hair:  Amacci - Nami - Night and Orange (Halloween Gift)
Skin:  Amacci - Liane Skin - Goth - 15 Orange (New Release)
Shape:  Amacci - Lottie (New Release)
Dress:  LeeZu - Annie Dress (0L Deadcool Event @ Halloween Sim)
Scene:  KaTink - Halloween 6 (Group Gift)

Pic 2:
Dress:  Valentina E Couture - BabyDoll Tee - Bloody (0L Deadcool Event @ Halloween Sim)
Skin:  Amacci - Liane Skin - Goth - 03 Party (New Release)
Choker:  Southpaw - Bloody Choker (MadPea "The Case of the Praying Mary" Hunt)
Tattoo:  {:ThirteenTH:} - Misfit Carved Tattoo (MadPea "The Case of the Praying Mary" Hunt)

Pic 3:
Outfit:  22769 - Knitlet and Chefron Pants - Blood Drained (MadPea TCotPM Hunt)
Necklace:  Chaos, Panic and Disorder - Praying Mary's Cross (MadPea TCotPM Hunt)
Knife and Sheath:   Southpaw - Praying Mary Dagger and Sheath (MadPea TCotPM Hunt)
Skin:  Amacci - Liane Skin - Goth - 10 Drama (New Release)

Pic 4:
Outfit, Shape, Hair and Skin:  Ho Wear - Dark Sacrifice (0L at Ho Wear Halloween Store)

Pic 5:
Outfit: Ho Wear - Dark Encounter (0L at Ho Wear Halloween Store)

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