Friday Already?


Dang, straight it is and you know what that means?  Yes, Furniture Friday...oh and the weekend...but mostly Furniture Friday.

And do I have some doozies for you today.  I have scoured the globe and you will be in awe of what these designers have come up with.  I know I am.

So come with me on a wee tour of the awesomeness that is SL and Furniture Friday.  I am warning you now, it could be a long walk so put on something comfy and warm, grab your thermos and let's get going cos we need to be back before dark.  SL is decidedly spooky after dark at the mo...

When I saw that the {what next} FLF item was a woodburner, I thought, "But, Winter already did one of them.  How can it be any better?" Well, then I saw it and I was in love.  This continuation of the 'Charlotte' items is so cool and has some animations to go with.  I have paired it up with some more of the Charlotte Floor Cushions and my cats are loving them.  These ones are Natural, Mocha and Butternut.

Don't ya love how my cat is sleeping?  LOL

Next up are the 60L Weekend items from Senzafine.  The Rian Armchair, Lamp and Sidetable looked great with the Gemma Ottaman, all spiced up for autumn.  Each item is only 60L, so that makes this lot a bargain!

Then we have these FAB-U-LOUS items from FD Decor.  The Bertram Mesh Bookcase and Stack are 100L at The Black Market and because the stack of books is separate you can move them around.  Great idea.

The Monster Bash Table comes with all you can see and you can even click on the items to get yummies.  The whole lot is 350L and would look fab at your Halloween gathering!

These cool Happy Halloween Blocks are a hunt gift in the Bewitched Hunt.  Great Halloween decorating decor.

And lastly from FD Decor is this Oktober Hangout.  The bales have poses, the little owl hoots, the fire crackles and sparks and there is even a firefly rock.  Great accessory for your garden decorating. NOTE:  Be aware that the trees are mesh.  This set is only available on Marketplace and is 275L for all you can see!

*Me stops for a wee rest*  Phew!  How you doing there?  How are the feet?  Lucky for you the next items are just what we need right now.  These delicious goodies are from Creations Kitchen and are just what you need for your Halloween table.  The Trick or Treat Pumpkin can also be worn so you look fab when out and about in SL.  The Halloween Cookie Plate gives endless cookies, the Caramel and Candy Apples with have you munching til your teeth fall out and the Toxic Punch will give out glasses of punch to make you forget the whole lack of teeth issue!

Right, had enough to eat and drink?  Excellent.  Let's carry on...

Check out this lovely Day Sofa from L'aize Dayz.  It comes with the guitar as a prop and also one you can play that works with one of the animations in the sits.  Tons of great sit animations for you and a couple of friends.  Very classy!

We could sit there all day but we have to check out this A-MARZING set from Prism Furniture.  The set is called Flanagan and is a new release.  You can buy the whole set with all you can see, or individual items as you need them.   Perfect set to Autumn up your home!

Yay, to my friend, Kav, who popped in and ended up in the pics!

Ok, that is us.  I am worn out.  Wanna split a cab fare home?  I could show you more, but I think you will have to wait until tomorrow for that...


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