Furniture Friday


Man, that rolled around quickly!  Furniture Friday already!  Yay!  And boy do I have some doozies for you today.  Some great Halloween and Autumn items to get ya ready for the Halloween season.

The best thing is that a lot of these items are hunt items!  Awesome.  Make sure you check out the Home & Garden Market's Halloween Skeleton Hunt.  Read on further for more details.

Anyway, less chat from me and more of the goodies...

Pic 1:
Logs and Fire:  Garden of Dreams - Relic Campfire - Autumn Edition (The Autumn Hunt)

Pic 2:
Tray:  {what next} - Rise and Shine Coffee Tray (Fair @ The Nest)

Pic 3:
Shelf:  %Percent - Telephone Shelf (Giving Thanks Hunt)
Cabinet:  %Percent - Vintage Enamel Cabinet (New Item)
Phone (on Cabinet):  %Percent - Telephone - Flat - Orange (New Item -also have round ones like on the Telephone Shelf)

Pic 4:
Bookshelf:  Inspired - Finn-ess Cuddle Bookshelf (New Item)

Pic 5:
Bench:  Prism Furniture - VIP Group Gift (200L to join VIP Group - for this you get at least 4 exclusive items throughout the year)

Home and Garden Market Halloween Skeleton Hunt

The items below are not in hunt order.  Make sure you head over to the Home & Garden Market Sim and click a sign for more details.  Hunt Hints are HERE.

1.  Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Halloween* Tree Stump

2.  Spargel and Shine Homes -  Autumn Table Decor including Table Cloth (Table not included)

3.  L'aize Dayz - Halloween Garden Shelf

4.  Lustre Designs - Witch Cauldron - Animated

5.  %Percent - Halloween Animation Frame

6.  L'aize Dayz - Pumpkin Trees

7.  Beach Street - Little Pumpkins Frame

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