Happy Birthday To Me!


Sorry, been a bit slack the last few days, but I have a jolly good excuse.  It was my RL birthday and I had my family visiting.

My birthday was yesterday in RL, but is today in SL time, so I am having two birthdays!  Brilliant.

Anyway, thought I would celebrate with some fun pics and this fab dress and shoes that my lovely friend, Heavenly gave me as a pressie.  She told me she wanted to give me something spring-ish as it is Spring here where we live.  I think she got the perfect look for me!

The scene I am in is one of the Dreamscenes from Garden of Dreams. It is the Fest - Birthday scene and comes with this cool cake that has poses and dance animations on it.  Also has a well with couples and singles dances and a lovely big birthday table complete with cake for all your guests.  LOVELY!

My dress is from Jane and the jandals (flip-flops, thongs) are from J's.  My hair is from Truth and skin is Ploom.

The pose balloons are from {what next}.

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