Mens Dept


I know you were expecting Mister with that title, but I love The Mens Dept.  I love it cos it always has great stuff that I can grab, even being a girl.  Also the eye candy at the store is not bad either... Ok, forget I said that!

Anyway, 3 items grabbed my attention today and I just had to have them!

The first is this awesome Coffee Hour Set from [kusshon].  I got the creme one, but it is cool cos the coffee table is texture change, so will work in most homes or offices.  I liked this cos I love the idea of fresh coffee in my home all day!

The second is this Locker Desk Set from *Y's HOUSE*.  The chairs are colour change and have fab sits.  Very manly, but I am happy with my masculine side!  This set is grungy, but fits my NY styled home perfectly.

The third item I am wearing in the other pics.  The Painter Pants from [Sheep Door] are very me.  I will confess even the small women's ones are a tad big on me, but I am ignoring that. They work well with my Jordan Open Sweater from {PopTart} @ The Swag Fest, my tank from Jane, my hair from Truth, and my sneakers from Deco.

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