His and Hers


Today I have a bit of both worlds for you all.  Something for the girls and the boys.  I think I have created a monster, cos now Riley is telling me about guys stuff and, of course, HE has to model it.  I just nod and smile and think that we will see how long this lasts. 

Of course while it does last it is great because you can show your boyfriends/partners/significant others our blog and hopefully that will keep us encouraged to keep the male content going.

Anyway, here is what we have for you today:


Top:  1 Hundred - Slip On Top (Acid Lily)
Pants:  1 Hundred - Comfy Yoga Pants (Acid Lily)

Outfit:  A Touch of Ireland - Minnie Dress (Closing Sale)

Jacket:  Paradisis - Yoko's Jacket (Subscriber Gift)
Skirt:  !gO! - Little Hippie (90L Perfect Wardrobe)


Tee and Shorts:  Kal Rau - Promo Outfit - Mesh (Group Joining Gift)
Hair:  Dura - Boys&Girls 36 (120L for Colour)

Outfit:  Something Sexy - Sam - Male (Fake Baked Turkey Hunt - 10L - also get female item)

Hoodie:  Secrets - Men's Denim Hoodie (Fake Baked Turkey Hunt - 10L)

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