Walking in a Winter Wonderland


I may have mentioned but my lovely neighbours have wintered up our sim, so I joined in and am loving the winter wonderland.  It is especially nice when in RL the temperatures are soaring and summer is almost upon us.  I come into SL and feel slightly cooler.  It also means I can pretend that I am experiencing a wintery, snowy Christmas.  BONUS!

I will say that I do like our summer Christmas though.  We eat summery foods and I am already scoffing loads of strawberries.  And, on Christmas day, we will probably hit the beach or go swimming before tucking into a barbecue dinner.  Perfect.

In the meantime, I have some lovely items for you enjoyment.

Jacket:  [SAKIDE] - Cozy Coats - Black (Around the World)
Skin:  Belleza - Wynter Skin (50L Friday)

Dress:  Pure Poison - Emerald Inspiration Tube Dress (60L in Sale)

Top:  Somnia - Crooked Arrow Tee - White (Zodiac)
Tights:  [UMEBOSHI] - Pabu Tights (The Gallery Gift Shop)
Skates:  Pure Poison - Mesh Ice Skates (60L in Sale)

Gown:  World's End Garden - Eleonora (The Gallery Gift Shop)

Jacket:  even.flow - SLU Varsity Jacket - Black (Acid Lily)

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