Almost New Year

Not too many days until 2013 is upon us.  I wonder what it will bring?  I don't know, but I am always hopeful for good things.  I guess I just wish we just treated each other with love and respect. I have lofty goals and hope...

In the meantime there are a few shopping days left til we enter the new year, so I will show you some great stuff to be had.  I also have a new writing goal.  I am going to try not to use the words 'awesome' and 'amazing'.  Time for some new superlatives.

The hair today is Frankie from Truth and the background is from KaTink.

Dress:  Spearsong - Green Blue Flap Front Mesh Retro Dress (Acid Lily)

Dress:  - siss boom- - Afternoon Dress - Periwinkle (New Release)

Lingerie:  {W&R} - Sweet Lingerie - Nini (Frost)

Dress:  MoYaz - Emily Mesh Dress - Ringed Collection - White Turquoise (Acid Lily)
Boots:  MoYaz - London Mesh Boot - Teal Blue (Acid Lily)

Outfit:  Bitch Tail - Troll Patrol (Acid Lily - Non-Mesh)


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