Christmas at The Gallery Gift Shop

Christmas has indeed arrived at The Gallery Gift Shop and the store is all decked out with lovely items for you to buy for yourself!  Perfect plan.

There are also some lovely Christmassy areas if you want to take a few snaps while you are there.  I was inspired to do just that.

There are loads of gorgeous items so make this a MUST stop on your shopping tour.

Dress:  22769 - Lucretia Dress - Black
Grasses:  KIDD Creations - 50 Snowy Meadow + 50 Winter Items

Picture:  Chiana Oh - Remembering Narnia
Dolls:  NuDoLu Voyage - Matriochka Noel - Sugar Plum Fairy and Nutcracker

Chiana Oh - Winter Couch, Winter's Hazy Shade and Winter Bird House


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