Not the End of The World As We Know It

I am putting the Mayan apocalyptic experience up on the shelf next to my Y2K mug and my photo of the guy here who keeps 'predicting' earthquakes.

I am summing up the 21st of December as "Quite hot".

Perhaps I am being too premature as you all head into the 21st where you are, but I am quietly confident.  I would say though that it would be nice to think that this does herald in a new era where people are actually nice to each other, less selfish and where we treat the people around us with respect and kindness.  That would be awesome.

I am handing you a challenge.  Today I want you to commit a random act of kindness and let's see if we can herald in a new era.  Baby steps.

That aside, I do have some fashion for you.  It is not apocalyptic, but it is HOT!

Background is from KaTink and is from LeRoy Pack 1

Hair:  Exile - Waiting for Tonight - Chardonnay (95L My Attic @ The Deck)
Outfit:  Somnia - Knit Mess Outfit (My Second Box)

Bodysuit:  -siss boom-  - Bodysuit - Holly (New Release - Lola Applier Inc)

Gown: PurpleMoon Creations - Winter Queen in Ice (Group Gift)

Gown: Miamai - HappyHolidays2012 (Group Gift)

Outfit:  {PopTart} - Kassie (Group Gift)


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