There is F R O S T Everywhere

Well, when I say everywhere, I mean at the F R O S T venue!  And although the name suggests cold, the items you will find there are HOT!  But you will look very COOL in them.  "How cool?" I hear you ask. "ICE COLD!"

Ok, enough of that and on with the fashion!

NOTE:  I downloaded new update before doing these pics and then when I went to edit them I noticed they all looked thin and not like they should even though my settings were the same.  I apologise to the designers and readers for this and will point the finger of blame elsewhere...

Skin:  [Chloe] - Luana
Top:  *Luckie* Sweater Netted Top - Blue
Hat:  .:*LOULOU&CO*:. - Cap - HooHoo - Blue
Jeans:  Reila - Skinny Jeans - Light Blue
Boots:  Le Primitif - Quad Boots - Navy
Coat:  REMY Reminisce - Granny Coat - Blue

Hat:  {dollle*} - Cat Ears Kitted Cap - Black
Sweater:  +REDRUM+ - Letter Sweater
Jeans:   Reila - Skinny Jeans - Blue
Boots:  AngelRED - Exclusive FROST Mesh Boots

Skin:  [Chloe] - Carol
Top:  [ American Bazaar ] - Any Top - Grey
Pants:  [ American Bazaar ] - Puffy Pants - Blue/Grey

Hat:  *Birth* - Scount Hat
Mask:  A&Y Lumen - Cyber Mask
Jacket, Top, Pants, Socks and Boots:  Kennedy's - Mesh Military Jacket, Cargo Pants, Black Tank and Tube Socks, and Combat Boots White

Top:  =Krautuve= - "I <3 cropped="cropped" p="p" shirt="shirt" sleep="sleep" tee="tee">
Skirt:  PurpleMoon Creations - Faye Maxi Skirt in Pinks


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