Don't Wash Pinks with Whites

It is common knowledge that one does not wash colours such as pink and purples with your whites unless you want your white shirt taking on a distinctly pinkish hue.

And it is a not a dirty.little.secret that you can get some awesome pink and purple items for 10L each at The Wash.  It is the Cart Sale and if you want to add to your wardrobe this is the time.

Skin is from MOJO and is called Meda.  It is a group gift.  The skybox I took the pics in from Garden of Dreams and is called Nightmare.  Hair is from Amanda from CaTwA.

Dress:  Spring Poofy Dress
Shoes:  Spring Color Change Pumps
Tiara:  FINESMITH - Pona Flower Tiara - Rose (New Release)

Shirt and Socks:  Spring Boyfriend Shirt & Sock

Dress:  Spring Sexy Dress
Tiara:  FINESMITH - Dola Tiara - Rose (New Release)

Coat:  Spring Trench Coat

Lingerie:  Spring Undies (Free)
Boots:  Spring Girly Combat Boots


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