In the Rain

I do like standing in the rain.  It is refreshing.  I like the feel of the raindrops on my skin.  I am also a big kid cos I will stand in the rain and open my mouth and catch droplets on my tongue.

It felt like a nice day to enjoy the rain in SL too.  The best thing about SL rain is that I don't have to dry off after or get warm!

Today's items in the rain are brought to you by The 100 Block!

Outfit:  :{F.A.D}: - Scene Girl - Full Outfit
Skin:  [Mystic Canvass] - Anabella Skin - Smoulder
Tattoo:  [ZENTRO] - Exclusive Tattoo
Hair: - Sepia Hair - Black

Dress:  Somnia - Velveteen Dress - Black
Boots:  Pink Acid - Clonker Boots - Black

Dress:  [Pretty Liar] - Blocked Maxi Dress - PurpleGreen
Lipstick:  Pink Acid - Plumped Lippy - Purple

Hoodie:  (epia) - Army Hoodie
AngelRED - Mesh Kacy Jeans - Dirty Wash
Boots:  Ducknipple - Natas Boots - Skulls


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