Tea Time


I am loving all these Genre items.  My garden is looking fabulous.  It gives me a lovely peaceful area to relax and maybe even invite some friends over for tea.  All I need to do now is learn the Green Tea Ceremony.  Wonder if there is an animation hud for that?

[CIRCA]: AYUMU - TeaHouse - Brown/Sunset and Teahouse Rock Garden (Genre)
[CIRCA]:  AYUMU - Teahouse Sitting Set in Sunset (Genre)
Botanical:  Japanese Torii Gate - New Wood (Genre)
[ba]:  Flagstone Pavers
Garden of Dreams:  Grass - Type A
Immerse:  Tai - Wang Zhaojun Sun 
Miel:  Chum Bracelet
Wasabi Pills:  Noriko
Schadenfreude:  Taupe Cygnette Shoes


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