It is funny, you know.  We have the ability in SL to fly and yet we spend most of our time walking about. I know that if I could fly in RL I would be supermanning around everywhere.  However, in SL, flying does lead to some interesting moments involving high speed crashes into walls and other immovable objects or numerable counts of overshooting the desired destination.  Perhaps walking is safer.

Today I am walking about on my neighbour's land.  They have lovely paths.

Hair:  Exile - Falling for You (Collabor88)
Top:  Miss Canning - Nikita Tanktop (New Release - Bra not included...Oh, and I wore a size too small to make it look more grungy.  The neckline is normally more rounded.)
Pants:  22769 - Sweatpants (The Mens Dept)
Eyepatch:  C.C. Kreations - Rainbow Vow - Eyepatch and Cord (Acid Lily)
Books:  G.O.C. - Vintage Bookband (New Release)
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Dessa


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