Fae Fantasy

This did not start out as fairy photos but somehow we ended up there and I am quite glad.  Who am I to deny myself the chance to be fae for a day?  Not I!

The reason for the photo shoot was actually these amazing architectural pieces from 22769 [bauwerk]. They come as separate parts that you can put together depending on the space and prim allowance you have.  How cool would this be as your home in the sky?  WAY cool.  They are called the Flying Hall and you will find them at the Fantasy Collective.

 After I had put The Flying Hall items up, I looked at them and thought, "What the hang do I wear to go with this?"  Luckily the answer came very quickly.  This gown is from Senzafine and is the "Thetis" Dress.  I love the textures and colours available and my biggest decision was which colour to wear!

Then, suddenly I remembered I had won these Cho wings on a lucky board at Sekela Avro and I was so excited, because I will use any excuse to go fairy!  Ears were donned and wings were worn and coloured with the hud.

Any fairy princess needs bling, so I put on this jewellery from FINESMITH.  This is only a small part of the set, but today I am wearing the eye decor, necklace and bracelet from the Roxaane Set.  Stunning.

Lastly, I found this hair from Wasabi Pills called Selene in my inventory which has that hint of fantasy about it, and I was transformed into the creature you see before you!

What else I was wearing:
Shape:  Panda Punx - Annaliese
Skin:  Belleza - Mya Pale Christmas Gift (Group Gift)
Ears:  Sin & Virtue - Elf Ears
Eyes:  Poetic Colors - Christmas Tale


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