I am thankful for poseballs today.  Tyson and I decided to do some photos together (it was about time really) and I was glad I was securely placed on a poseball because I know if it had been RL I would have been pushed into the water quite a few times during this shoot.

The poses I used are from Infiniti and are called Fearless (P1), If It Makes You Happy (P2) and Under My Umbrella (P3 & 4).

Sweater:  Somnia - Lovey Dovey - Lavender (Jack or Jill Hunt)
Pants:  Ducknipple - Garde Pants (New Release)
Boots:  20.FIVE - Rocker Boots (Recent Release)
Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Maddie (Room 69)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills - Noriko (Arya's Inventory)

Hey All,

Got thrown a notecard today and saw that 360 had some new VIP gifts.  I joined this group about a week ago but was not able to get over to the store because I am not age verified.  Contacted the owner today and was glad to hear he was in the process of setting up his men's items in a M rated area.  He sent me a LM and I went and grabbed the items I am wearing today.  Owner (Athayus) was a nice guy too and his men's items are great.  He hadn't set up group joiner at new store yet, but you can always do a group search and join that way.  Free to join.

Have fun,

Jacket and Boots:  360 - Athletic Quilted Jacket - M Purple, and Men's Hiking Boots (VIP Gift)
Pants: 360 -  Men's Renegade Denim Jeans - Light Grey (VIP Gift)
Hair:  Dura - 3rd Year Anniversary Hair - Black (GG)
Shape:  (red)Sand - The Nurt (Ty's Inventory)
Skin:  Mr Bloch - Matty (Ty's Inventory)


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