Cooling Down

Some of my SL friends were complaining about the heat in RL today.  Hearing them talk about it made me feel hot and it is NOT at all hot here in Aryaland.  I felt a water post was required today so the Northerners can cool off and us Southerners can warm up!

Dock and Furniture:  [CIRCA] - Seaward Beach Dock and Outdoor Lounger Set

Bikini:  MOoH! - Blue Leopard Beach Set - Bandeau Bikini and Sarong (Aloha Fair - Sarong not shown cos I forgot...sigh)
Glasses:  {Kiro} - Caster Glasses - Sky (from my inventory)
Hair:  Elikatira - Jennie (9th Rez Day Sale - all hair sets 99L)

Shape and Skin:  Panda Punx - Neri (recent release)

Tyre Float:  Kuro - Vintage Float (Recent Release)
Blue Float:  [CIRCA] - Seaward Pool Floatie - Skye
Shoes:  Ducknipple - Simone (New Release)


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