Not Getting Wet

There are some days when you are happy to jump into the water and splash about and others when you are having a good hair day and you squeal like a baby pig if anyone even splashes near you.  This was one of the latter days.  The bikini in these shots is about looking stylish and waiting for the paparazzi to find you.  Perhaps I should tip them off?

The bikini is from 20.FIVE and I am loving the retro feel to it with the metal circle in the bandeau top.  Very chic!

My cool bag is from Swallow and is the Stereo Bag Vintage.  This is at the new round of The Dressing Room Fusion and you can find other colours and styles there too.  Love it.

I grabbed these shoes from for Fifty Linden Friday and they are called Kokomo (don't get the song in your head like I have).  These were the only colour available but they were perfect for my beach look.

All the poses today are from Focus Poses and I used some from the Model 134 and 135 packs.  You will see more of these poses over the next few days cos they are very cool.

My Neri skin and shape are both from Panda Punx and I have been wearing them for days because I am loving the natural look.  I did tweak the shape just a bit boob-wise because I was having issues making the bikini top work with the voluptuousness, but that is the good thing about a mod shape!  Skin and shape are both at Lubbly Jubblies.

This lovely hair that I do NOT want to get wet is from Exile and is a new release item.  It is called After the Rain but I would definitely wait for the rain to finish before going out so that it stays looking glam and gorgeous!

These glasses were from my inventory and are the Swank Glasses from DECO and my bracelet is the Chum bracelet from Miel.

And if you saw my post yesterday with destinations you may recognise this as one from the list.  This is Baja Norte and is a stunner for beach shots.  Hope you noticed the whale in the background!


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