The Collage July- August

The new round of The Collage starts on the 23rd of July and the theme is Summer.  You are going to LOVE their take on summer and the great things you will be able to purchase to awesome up your home and garden.

These Beach Shacks and Chairs come in 4 colours and will add the 'WOW!' factor to your beach area.  They are just that cute!  I have shown the pink and blue, but there is also green and yellow if they are more to your taste.

Summer is not just about beaches, it is also about picnics and this set from Serenity Style is just perfect for your garden.  It comes with a hud so you can change the flags and tablecloth to suit your surrounding decor.

I added the cool Fruity Basket from !! Follow Us !! (not at The Collage) so that you will think I am all about healthy eating...

The thing I love about SL is that designers can take a similar product and put their own spin on it to make it look completely different.  That is the case here with this Garden Shed from Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  Same, but completely different!

I also have a gorgeous item from !! Follow Us !! that is NOT in the Collage, but felt it needed to be shown and I may as well show it with the other furniture items.  Made sense!  It is the Towel Cart - Flowers and Beauty and is an absolute stunner.  Perfect to add a glamorous finishing touch to a room.


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