Destinations - August Week 3

Here are some more destination sites for this week.

Shipwreck Island - Oceania is proud to present Shipwreck Island, August 18th - 24th! Join us for a one week adventure of a Special Edition Preview of Oceania Fishing, Custom Prizes, and so much more! Explore the incredible sim-wide build, hunt for hidden treasure, and stumble upon a Pirate secret or two! All games and prizes are absolutely free!!

The Gardens of Shambhala - Floating islands and rocks are the theme of this awesome area.  Each island has its own theme and you will find plenty of places to take awesome photos.

Skye Neist Point - I have taken many a photo on this sim and it has loads of different spots for photos from forest to farm to this awesome bridge.

Eldalote - This sim is full of interesting spots for photos, whether you want docks, treehouses, beaches or farms.

After the Fall - The title of this sim says it all.  It is messy and dirty and filled with junk and discarded vehicles.  Probably not for high fashion shots, but then perhaps it is perfect! (NOTE:  Is role-play sim).


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