Destination Weekend

As promised here are some more destinations for your wandering enjoyment.  I hope these are encouraging you all to get out and explore SL.  I know when I first started I tended to stay pretty close to home or the club that my friends and I all hung out at.  However, it is a big, wide SL world out there and these places are definitely worth getting up off the virtual couch for.

Happy exploring!!

Pinoy Hideout - It will take you a while to find all the great spots for photos in this fab sim.  Loads of stuff to see and do.  In fact you can wander from the beach to a Japanese area to an amazing church.  Must see.

L'Arc-en-Ciel - This is has a whole heap of variety to enjoy but the first lot of snow has hit and it is transforming into a wintery destination.

DaD Design - This is a store and it is sadly in the process of closing down, but their winter area is worth a view and some photos.  I hope you grab a few of their amazing products while you are there.


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