Never go sledding with Tyson.  It is frightening.  This has been a public service announcement.

In regards to the above statements...did you see the photos?  The girl is cray cray!

Tyson's Outfit:

Hat: [Body Factory] - Hunter Bucket Hat - Black (fi*Friday)
Coat:  [Body Factory] - Hunter Coat - Black (fi*Friday)
Pants:  D R O P - Casual Pants - Black (50L)
Sled:  The Pose Shop - Winter Sled (The Thrift Shop 7.0)
 Arya's Outfit:

Hat and Hair:  Anachron - Tuque Hair - Diversity (TTS 7.0)
Sweater and Shirt:  [:: JesyDream ::] - Rebel Sweater with Denim Shirt (TTS 7.0)
Jeans:  [ bubble] - Dark Blue Used Jeans (TTS 7.0)

Log with Rug:  Shutter Field - Log with Sits - Blue - Snowy (New Release)
Tyson's Boots:  Pure Poison - Chriss Boots - Black 


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