More Destinations

I have a few more destinations for your visiting pleasure.  I am going to try and give you some each weekend if I can.

I have also started a new Destinations Page entitled Winter Wonderland.  The title says it all.  It is for those snowy, icy, wintery places we love to visit.

Intro - This is actually not a new one, but an updated one.  It has changed again and is all decked out for autumn.  I love this arbor with train tracks below.  Just lovely.

The Pines at Jacob's Pond - This snowy farmland comes with lovely snow-decked barns and buildings, a fireplace area by the ice pond and loads of animals scattered about.

Kekeland - This is a lovely sim with a variety of places for photos or just wandering.  Lots of different features and I tried to capture a few in the photo...I hope.


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