Snowy Picnic

Tyson and I laughed for ages when we both turned up today in very similar outfits.  In fact, we even had matching scarves on to start with.  We did paper, scissors, rock to see who had to change it.  I lost, but I didn't mind cos my scarf rocks.

Picnic Table and Accessories:  {what next} - Winter Harvest Picnic (The Liaison Collaborative)
Ty Hair:  Damselfly - Ronan (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Arya Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] - Kazu (Cosplay SL - starts 15th Nov)

Pose:  Phoenix Poses - Your Scent (The Thrift Shop)
Arya's Outfit -
Sweater:  StormCrow Designs - Cozy Knitted Sweater (white tee not included - TTS)
Jeans:  Unborn Soul - Skinny Jeans (TTS)
Ugs:  StormCrow Designs - Lazy Sundays Uggs (TTS)
Scarf:  [blissiere] - Double Infinity Scarf - Eire - Cork (TTS)
Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - Feeb's Rascall Myst - Taupe (Feeb's Rascals St Sales Room)

Pose:  Nani Poses - Shiver (TTS)
Tyson's Outfit -
Sweater:  [American Bazaar] - November Pull (Group Gift)
Jeans:  !APHORISM! - Slim Jeans - Brown (Group Gift)
Scarf:  BRAVURA - Scarf Front/Back Fold - Charcoal (TTS)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Men's Leather Slip-On Shoes (from his inventory)


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