Field of Dreams

Today's post was a little tricky.  It was not because of the clothing or hair  because they are great.  It was not because of the location since it is stunning.

No, today's post was tricky due to the "lovely" person who wandered into the middle of the field and bumped right into me as I was setting up for a shot.  Accident?  I don't think so.

I also had to wait for them to clear the background, although this is fine as it is not my sim and I do not have sole rights to use it.  May I say though, that if someone is standing still somewhere I on a sim just be aware that they could be taking photos.  I always try and keep clear in case they are.  They don't want me photobombing the shot!

Anyway, I got it done in the end and now you get to have a looksee.  I have a new store to show ya!

Shorts:  ODDITY - Shorts ~Shameless~ Denim 
Shoes:  ODDITY - Hope~ Denim Patched - HIGH
Poses:  {NanTra} Poses - Pret-a-Porter (from my inventory)

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Avena
Top:  ODDITY - Blouse ~Hussy~ DENIM

Just had to give you a back shot of the hair and shorts!


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