I am not a personal fan of selfies in RL.  Maybe I am too old to get the fascination.  I remember the good old days when photos were for capturing the uniqueness of life whereas today the fascination seems to be self-centred.  Meh.

Anyway these poses are great and I had fun taking 'selfies' with them.  They are from Vestige and you can grab them at The Thrift Shop 8.0.

It is also the last couple of days for this round of Men Only Monthly so make sure you get on over before it is all cleared away.

V-Spot - Blue Collar Jeans GREY (Men Only Monthly)
[Shoeminati] - X1 - Black Ice (MOM)

Jacket and Tee:  [ dynasty ] - Voyager Jacket - Wool Grey (MOM)
Hair:  MINA - Hair - Ryan (MOM)


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