Spring Destinations

I am on a Destinations roll at the moment and having fun scooting about the globe (plane, dodecahedron?) finding some new places for photos.  Of course lots have gone green for spring so that means I get to take some new shots of some revamped places and also discover new lands!  I am like Captain Cook!

Sacred - This is just a temporary photo spot because the owner has kindly opened it up for the public for just two weeks before she goes back to peace and quiet.  It has a lovely home and courtyard area and loads of hidey spots like this for those gorgeous spring shots.

Scribbled Hearts - This is one of the revamped sims and it is looking so lovely.  A variety of places for photos.  In fact it was hard to choose just one spot!

Beautiful Seasons - This is one of my all time favourite "go-to" sims when I need a great places for my blog photos.  Changes regularly and loads of different spaces to get great pics for guys or girls.


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