Tomorrow is the last day of The 100 Block and I just have a couple more things to show you.

I also have some other bits to present as well, but I only managed two photos as I couldn't work out how to take action shots of me skateboarding!

This is not a pose skateboard.  It is one that actually works and comes with an AO.  It is from the Wayward Hunt and is from Bad Unicorn Clothing (HINT:  53 & Up).  Is loads of fun to ride and makes looking about sims way more stylish.

Tee:  {Fe Style} - Ckorth Basic Shirt w/Hud (100 Block)
Pants:  [American Bazaar] - Stories Jogg - Black (Men Only Monthly)
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Gus (faMESHed)
Bracelets:  Howl - Star Rope (Wayward Hunt.  HINT - Where is my TV?)

Eyes:  adoness : lucus : eyes : lively green (100 Block)

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