Fantasy Faire - Hunter

I am kicking of the Fantasy Faire items today.  I still have more from Men Only Monthly but I will intersperse them with some fantasy items.  And I will also do the last of the poses from Le Poppycock do not fear!

Just so you know I have amped these photos up so that you can see the colours in the clothes properly.  I HDR-ed them.  I wanted to do a forest scene but then was worried I would lose the clothes amongst the background hence the fiddling.

The entire outfit is called Ranger Sherrod Forest and is brought you you by Feyline Fashions (FF Link).  This also includes the knife and bow, although they are just for looks.

I feel very Assassins Creed in this outfit and Arya is sick of me lurking about in it, speaking in a 'ye olde' way.  She actually gave me some instructions on where to stick my bow, but it didn't sound safe.

Therefore, I shall take my leave...


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