I Fought the Law

Today I am posting the next 3 of Le Poppycock's Trigger Happy poses.  There is one left.  I will post this when you least expect it!

I am also showing some more Men Only Monthly items.  If you are a guy in SL and have not gone to this event then you are crazy!  It is a good one!

Tattoo:  Endless Pain Tattoos - Til Death (100 Block)
Jeans:  Urbano - 424 jeans Blue

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Louie

Sneakers:  United Colors - White-Blue Straps - Iced Sneakers (Wayward Hunt. HINT:  I stand behind the corner, watching you)
Necklace:  [Pumpkin] - Composite Necklace


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