On the Run

I feel like I have been wearing a lot of grey and black lately so I will make sure I brighten up a bit tomorrow.

In the meantime I have some more poses from Le Poppycock's Trigger Happy set which, as you will remember, is gacha at Men Only Monthly.  I will have one more day of them to go.  Shame, cos am having fun with them.

Items are from MOM unless I tell you otherwise.

Glasses:   S O R G O - ZWAW Shades / BLACK (Wayward Hunt.  HINT:  Have some coffee)
Jeans:  Kenzo Jeans - Modulus - Black
Watch:  **RealEvil Industries** -  ReVoX MGX Watch - Male

Bandages:  Clemmm - Bandaged Fingers (Wayward Hunt.  HINT:  Remember, you can sleep when you're dead)
Jacket, Hoodie and Tee:  [ ExcellencE ] - Jacket_BOY, T-shert_BOY, Hood_BOY


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