I decided that I have been working so hard lately that I deserved a holiday.  I mentioned this to Arya and she laughed solidly for about ten minutes.  I found this mildly offensive but I just said, "Meh" and headed for the beach.  

This outfit is perfect for the beach and comes to you from 69 Park Ave  and is called GQ South Beach.  You can grab this, along with many others, at Menswear Fashion Week 2015

The poses are from {NanTra} Poses and are some more from the Burn for You pack available at Rock Attitude Fashion Fair.

 It comes with the shirt, shorts, sneakers, hat and aviators.  Great garb for wandering the beach and chatting to the ladies.  Perhaps I need to grow some chest hair...


  1. Do you need me to have a word to Arya about worker exploitation?
    - Kavisha

    1. Ha! He is so laid back he is almost horizontal!


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