Purple is one of my favourite colours.  I have 3 favs in fact:  purple, green and blue.  In RL I wear blues and greens, but sadly I just can't get away with purple.  I am just not the right colourings I guess.

The good news is that in SL I can wear whatever colour I want and get away with it.  I really like this.  To highlight this, when I received the gorgeous Acantha hair from Damselfly (Fantasy Gacha Carnival) I decided to leave it the colour it came as and be a redhead today.  I am liking the change from my usual blonde.

Dress:  Kaithleen's - Indah Kamani Dress - Purple (The Thrift Shop 9.0)
Poses:  IDK - Pack41 (ROSS Fair)
Bag:  [blissiere] Hudson Case - Orchid (TTS 9.0)
Shoes:  Entice - Lady Marmalade Heels (TTS 9.0)
Nails:  Senzafine - "Shine" PVB (New Release)
Ring:  Persefona Pearls Flower Ring - Violet (Ross Fair)
Watch:  db Dollz - Boho Chick Watch - RARE (Ross Fair)


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