I love rainy places in SL.  I wish there were more of them.  Sometimes a girl needs to walk on a rainy beach or through a dripping rainforest.  Maybe it is because I am a winter girl.  I love rainy days and frosty mornings.

This pose pack from {NanTra} Poses was perfect for my rainy day enjoyment.  It is called Weather or Not and you can find it at The Thruft Shop 9.0.

Jeans:  Lily Allen - Bell Bottom Pants (ROSS Fair)
Shoes:  AsHmOoT - S/S Coll - Cross Mid Heels Shoes (ROSS Fair)

Top:  [Frimon Store] - Love Glitter - Tank Top Female LO (ROSS Fair)
Beads:  AsHmOoT - Acc Coll - Dolly Pearls Necklaces (ROSS Fair)
Nails:  Senzafine - "Shine" PVB

Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Celeste (New Release)
Eyeshadow:  OPERATE - 70's Summer Eyeshadow - Blue (ROSS Fair)
Skin and Lips:  [Pink Fuel] - Harley v2 and Lipstick - Shine - pink/teeth (Group Gifts)


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