While Arya was pouring her heart out to you I was laying about doing nothing much.  It worked with the post I was doing and if anyone asks I was blogging, right?

That said, I am really glad the blog will continue.  I am enjoying what I am doing and I am glad to see more items for men coming into SL.  That does mean more work for me, but I welcome it.  Fun to be busy.

Now, I know Arya normally does the furniture stuff and I will confess she set up some of this for me, but I did have an input because I went over to the new home and garden event that opens tomorrow and found a whole heap of great accessories from Bazar.

The event is called 6th Republic and the layout of the stores etc is brilliant.  I will definitely be heading over to do some shots later.  Make sure you check it out. It starts on the 6th.

Here is the guys room under the stairs.  I felt like Harry Potter, but with a tad more room.  In case you were wondering, the house is from 22769 [bauwerk] and is called The Hatake House.

Oh, and I am wearing:

Hoodie:  Gabriel - Zipup hoodie M / 09Gray (Group Gift)
Pants:  American Bazaar - Stories Jogg - Black (Men Only Monthly)
Shoes:  United Colors - B&W Sneaker Sandals - Black&White (MOM)

Bazar - Stockholm-Bedroom Rug (6th Republic)

Kuro - Dave's Bed (6th Republic)
Bazar - Stockholm-Bicycle on the wall (decor), Stockholm-Bedroom cabinet, Stockholm-Paper bag (decor), Stockholm-Typewriter (6th Republic)
[ht:home]- Whale Statue (The Challenge)
{what next} - White Blind (from Arya's VAST home and garden collection)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Four Coffee Table Books (Arya's Collection)

22769~[bauwerk] - Vintage Amplifier, Vintage Microphone (Recent Release)
Kuro - Dave's Shelves (6th Republic)
Bazar - Stockholm-Clothing Rack, Bedroom Night Stand Stool, Stockholm-Headphones (decor)(6th Republic)

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