Sunday - Part 1


I have some home and garden items to show you and I got a bit carried away and did loads of photos. It all became a bit much for one post so I am spreading it over two.  Hey, I am a kiwi and Peter Jackson is my hero so it is what we do.

P.S.  Will show fashion items I am wearing tomorrow.

{what next} - Amberley Tree Bench (Collabor88)

[shutter field] - Courtyard Pond (Lazy Sunday.  Pond can sit above ground too.  I sunk it in cos that is how I roll.)
[shutter field] - Pond Cushions (Lazy Sunday)

[shutter field] - Boxed Planter Seat (Lazy Sunday)
[shutter field] - The Old Woodshed (Lazy Sunday)
.:revival:. - camp stool (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)
Kalopsia - Milk Case (faMESHed Anniversary Gift)

[shutter field] - Woodshed - Old (Lazy Sunday)

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