Let the Fun Begin

Did you miss us over the last few days?  Did you wonder if we were eaten by zombies or sucked dry by vamps?  No?  Strange.  That would have been my first thought.  Must just be me.

Still it is that time of year when we get grabbed by the ghoulies, so as the title of this post suggests...let the fun begin.

I have TWO amazing events to tell you about.  They are the Depraved Nation Freak Show (Oct 17th-31st) AND the Wayward Halloween Event (Oct 16th-31st).  Both are AMAZING and will give you all the Halloween items you will need!

Here is a sampling of what you will find.  Today's items are mostly from Wayward Halloween with some Freak Show shoes thrown in for good measure!

Outfit:  Moon Elixir - Roguish - 1. Bodysuit, 2. Horns (RARE) and Ripped Hood, 8. Charcoal Skirt (WH)
Poses:  Label Motion - Halloween Balloons (WH)
Shoes:  :Diamante: - Fatality (SLink High) Black - RARE (FS)

Skin:  [PXL] Halloween Makeup 02 (WH)
Eyes:  [PXL] Spectral Eyes White (WH)
Jewellery:  Moon Elixir - Roguish - 12 - Silver Bracelets, Armbands and Choker (WH)


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