Yeah.  So.  Been busy.  We good?  Cool.  Moving on.

Men Only Monthly starts on the 20th and yet again is jam-packed with good stuff for the lads.  Here are a few items that you will be able to nab plus some from the FROST Fair that has already started.

Poses:  *PosESioN* - Curtis (MOM)
Jeans:  ODDITY - Pants -Nick- Mesh (MOM)
Boots:  (BYRNE) - Miller Boots (mens) - Frosty (FROST Fair)
Sweater:  ODDITY T-Shirt ~Bradley~ Stripes (FROST Fair)

Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~*Derrick (MOM)
Shape:  SuPerBia - ThaNos (FROST Fair)


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