Ready for Red

I noticed that my last few posts have been very blue in colour so I thought I would give you a change and go with a vibrant red today.  It was easily decided when I saw this great jacket and remembered I had grabbed some red boots from 50L Friday last week.  Match!

Jacket:  KJIm - Ladies Peacoat - Red (New Release)
Hair:  *~*Damselfly*~* - Bebe
Gloves:  :: Wretch :: Mittens (FROST Fair)
Glasses:  HAYSURIZA  - Cat Eye Sunglasses Flame (On9)

Jeans:  [American Bazaar] - Leila Jeans - Pale (FROST Fair)
Boots:  {Livalle} - Nymph -Lace-up Boots- Cherry (50L Friday)


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